Who We Are.

Jerusalem Stone Collection imports marble, granite, limestone, slabs, porcelain tiles, glass mosaics and accessories worldwide. From our Los Angeles-based showroom and warehouse, we can provide the highest quality surface solutions that best suit your personal style, taste and budget.

With extensive experience, Jerusalem Stone Collection is able to offer materials for a variety of projects such as residential, commercial, and hospitality.

Our showroom is a resource library and a “playground” for architects, designers and homeowners who enjoy hand selecting the materials and textures that work best for their intended design concepts.

Marble, granite and limestone are products of nature. As such, they appear in a broad range of color, consistency, shape, size, grade and quality variations. Identifying and selecting the right material are crucial stages in importing natural stone from each country in the world. Inconsistency is inherent terminology in our industry. Our long experience in this marketplace ensures that we can help customers understand the characteristics and assist them in making the right choice in their final purchase. 

Color variation, durability and maintenance requirements vary between one type of material to another. It is important that customers purchase the appropriate type of material for the right application. For instance, wall tiles are not necessarily suitable for floor, and the other way around.

The Jerusalem Stone Collection quality control team invests time and effort in hand inspecting the imported material and adheres to the most stringent manufacturing standards and inspection guidelines. As a result, we can bring a product to the end user that is more consistent, with higher grade, and at an attractive price point. This also enables us to meet customer expectations and avoid future installation problems. By working with us, customers are rewarded by seeing a project completed to the specifications they intended.

When you work with Jerusalem Stone Collection, you will find our boutique environment provides an intelligent interpretation and inspiration of your architectural and design plans. We have a breadth of knowledge that enables us to suggest a full range of cost effective solutions.

You can view our in-stock inventory here.


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